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The State Treasurer was designated as the fiscal agent for the State of Kansas in 1908. The registration of the issuance of municipal bonds was transferred to the State Treasurer in 1975. As a consequence of legislation in the 1980s, the State Treasurer has become registrar and transfer agent for those Kansas registered form municipal bonds that designate the Treasurer as paying agent. The office services more than 2,200 issues totaling in excess of $13 billion.

All correspondence should be sent to:

  • The Office of Kansas State Treasurer
  • Attn: Bond Services
  • 900 SW Jackson, Ste. 201
  • Topeka, Kansas 66612-1235
Bond Services Information
  • Fiscal year 2010, the State Treasurer’s office was the named paying agent/transfer agent on over 90 percent of municipal bond issues registered in the state of Kansas.
  • July 2000 the Bonds Department became totally fee funded.
  • Recently the State Treasurer’s office has been appointed as the paying agent/transfer agent for all Wichita Temporary note issues. Since January 2004, the Treasurer’s office had taken over responsibilities as the paying agent/transfer agent for all Wichita bond issues.
  • Depository trust company’s transfer agent report stated the State Treasurer’s Office had returned 100 percent of transfers in a timely manner. Reported stated “none of your peers achieved a better score.”
  • Municipal Bond Services is responsible for issuing registration numbers for all new issues. When the State Treasurer’s Office is selected as paying agent, it is responsible for setting up the new issue, maintaining existing issues, notifying the bondholders of early redemption and collecting and disbursing bond payments.
  • The State Treasurer’s Office has provided swift, friendly, and professional service to bondholders in the State of Kansas since its inception in 1874.
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