What is Freerisk?

Freerisk is a project with the goal of making freely available the data, algorithms and tools necessary to perform financial modeling. Although much important data is accessible from government agencies, it is neither well-integrated nor in a machine-readable format.

Why is it needed?

We believe that greater transparency and diversity of ideas is the key to allowing continued innovation in finance while reducing the risk of crises.

Traditional data and model providers require contracts and usually do not allow data to be republished in machine-readable formats. This limits the number of people who can build financial models and makes them virtually impossible to share. Since quantitative finance is a mixture of academics, professionals and enthusiasts, this lack of collaboration can hinder innovation.

So what are you building?

There are many components to Freerisk, some available today and others still in development. Among them are:

How do you hope this will be used?

The purpose of creating an open system is that it will be used in creative ways that you didn't anticipate. However, we have a few ideas:

If you have more questions, you can contact us.

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